Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Scare If You Care

So I got this religious leaflet through my door, it was an invitation to go to a Presbyterian church... odd them having to advertise considering the amount of people claiming to be Protestant in Northern Ireland.

They must really work on their advertising, You are a sinner does not make me want to go to church, what if they all know about my sins ? I'll just cry in my darkened corner of sin and masturbate.

All sin must be punished
Still not winning me over. 

After scaring you about Hell it eventually goes on to say how in 5 weekly payments to God, Jesus and his blood will clean away yer sin ..... ugh! what if he has aids or something? hes from the Middle east what if he has that coronavirus?  I'm no letting his body fluids near me. 

On the page across from The punishment for sin is Hell you'll find when the Children's meetings are. 

Now if you mentioned free food and easy weemen I may have considered it. 

 The only sure way to get rid of that shit is to kill it with fire.

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