Friday, 30 August 2013

Red Pride

No one cares about Miley Virus or Syria, what everyone is talking about is the racism going on in Scotland.Usually a land of enlightenment, a dark shadow has stretched over the Alba. 

 Sorry, wrong Alba.
Tony Winters, originally from Glasgow accused an Edinburgh chip shop of racism after they charged him 25p for tomato sauce.

  Just like the whole east coast west coast feud between rappers that killed my homie B.I.G. 

Yo yo yo west coast is the best, they cut you with broken bottles for fun and put red sass on their fish and chips.
No yo yo yo east coast rules, they have a castle and put brown sass on their chips. 

 The ugly face of racism .... the gold sea.

Tony, who has lived in Edinburgh for 18 years, is the Rosa Parks of Scotland.  “Every chip shop I know gives ketchup free. A condiment is a condiment. You can’t offer one customer brown sauce for nothing then charge another for tomato. I told the staff I thought it was racist. They just said it’s what they do."

Damn their racist hides.

"It reeks of racism – just because we come from the west and tend to like ketchup instead of brown sauce. It’s clear they’re discriminating and I don’t think it’s right.”

Shop owner Paul Crolla was clearly annoyed:

“Salt and brown sass goes with fish and chips. Anything extra should be paid for. If it was up to me I wouldn’t give anyone ketchup because it ruins the whole thing, those people coming here taking our jobs and thinking we're gonna give them red sass for free .... go back to yer own cuntry!"

Selling sachets of Heinz ketchup at 25p a time needs to be taken to the European courts of human rights ... it's not right!

Old Knudsen feels for Mr Winters of the Glaswegian race. When Old Knudsen was growing up in Scotland in his beloved village of Kilamory people would look at him and whisper, "there goes yon viking with the massive cock" yes it was a difficult time for Old Knudsen, all the local lasses wanted to touch it and see if they could fit it into their mouths ..... harsh times.

Old Knudsen asks you all to join in a boycott of the Gold sea, when you allow this type of racism in then that just leaves doors open for other forms of hate.


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