Thursday, 29 August 2013

Phasers Set To Surrender

Captain's log the USS Tanker . Orbiting around Sectarian 4 we have been told that we cannot go onto the planet's surface to express our British culture because of the Prime directive .... no one tells us what we can't do. LIKE and SHARE.

Captain! sensors show a Klingon bird of prayer who wants to express their Britishness. Oh and do you know that I have a special recording from the Ra-mulans who say they want to mourdor us beys .... but only I can hear it? 

 Focus Specks and lay off the meds. Put the Klingons on screen.

Greetings ! We can carve this planet up between us and just let the Federation funding roll in, what do you say?
 I want to be in total control, forcing everyone to be white, Protestant and British. You will love Jesus and have babies whether you want to or not.

For the love of God. Jamie you sometimes useful tool who I pretend to like, launch torpedoes.

   Wight Jim! Just waiting on UVF permission to do anything ..... and they're off. :::::explosion!:::::

 Scotty, whats the status report?

It's Sammy, yer the fuckin Scot. Status report is that we have 8 million likes and half the world are talking about us....... must have been that wee dance ya did at the Con club. 

An those torpedoes ...

Did someone say pedos? I don't know anything about that just like my time in the IRA ... oh you have proof, maybe I know something then.

They're chipping away at are shields and destroying our ship, the auxiliary power, whatever that is, is banjaxed. Jim yer my best fuckin mate, whats with the suitcases M8? ..... yer leaving? ..... but we're fucked and not going anywhere, Jim! Jim!

Jim!  get out of bed yer cornflakes are ready.    

Don't call me Jim! My name is Alice and I'm a pretty gurl.

Why yes you are.

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