Saturday, 31 August 2013

Outrage At Tesco

Old Knudsen had just stopped into Tesco for a drop of grocery shopping after a tough workout at the gym. Hmmm beer or cider to go with me lunch time pot noodle, decisions decisions.... vodka it is. 

Hello Tesco? no milk today I'm all dried up!
Then I heard over the loud speaker: Our milk comes fresh each day from our Tesco farmers .... for fucks sake! have I been putting farmer milk into me tae? Ach if I buy milk I don't want it from some durty ol ruddy cheeked pervert in wellies who gets off thinking about tractor incest, I want it from moo cows.

You've seen some of the weemen Old Knudsen has dated so you know him not to be picky or fussy but the line must be drawn.

Oh and if I were you I'd stay away from the meat counter too.

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