Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Media Slant And Grundle Licking

Standard offensive yet topical picture.

Is Old Knudsen pissed off? ..... why yes he is. I'm a big boy, no I'm not talking about me cock size again. I can take bad news.

 Am I the only one freaked out by Miley's alien tongue?

I don't need you to sugar coat things or just to leave out the bad things. I think that doing that you are treating people like idiots.

 A stock photo of some idiots.

So ya got the media in the US over reporting on every single shooting to make a point. 

Especially when the one shot is a coloured chappy. So many other murders and shootings that don't get to be a household name. 
In the US race is that issue you have to nod and agree with or yer a racist, oh and if you talk about it and say something like.  "Well maybe if the 'person of colour' wasn't high, going 90 in a stolen car then pulling out a gun the police wouldn't of had to have shot him." .... you may get accused of being a racist, "but it was a black cop who shot him" .... you fucking racist I ain't got time for this.

I have nothing against Ben Affleck , he just tends to do movies I don't want to see. Dogma is more or less the only movie Old Knudsen likes him in though Matt Damon is better. 

The back lash against Ben playing the next Batman goes to show you what a load of sad fuckers there are out there. We get this every Bond and every Dr Who for fucks sake!

Christian Bale and the Batman movies he was in were not as lame as most DC has been up to date, I mean nipples on the Bat suit?
It's easy for Bale to play the angry asshole type, it comes naturally to him. Ben doesn't have to do it that way since he'll be with Superman, he'll do a fine enough job frowning and brooding so lay off him. 

Big news stories huh? Things that make you forget yer lack of healthcare or the cuts that are always around the corner. 

You have to go to places online like the Washington post and the New York Times if you want to hear about the Muslim Brotherhood targeting Coptic Christians. 
If you see a red X on a shop it's Muslim, if you see a black X it's Christian so feel free to attack it. About 40 or more churches have been looted, damaged or burned down thanks to these cunts. I know that Christians are ALL pedophiles but some of those churches were old.

Is this big news? The fact that many of the rebels in Syria are Islamists now, is this big news? Who is helping the rebels? ... is that news? Yeah cos Vietnam and Afghanistan worked out sooo well. 

Russia decided to not like gheys a little more. Distracted from Putin and his ghey biker club? ... good. He has a poofy 3 wheeler ... lol! 

I can understand how you would put the stories out and bury them so that it doesn't stir up racial or sectarian tension, but to be a sneaky cunt about it is another thing.  We only get half of the story especially when it's from governments.

Maybe they shouldn't make churches so flammable.   

During the fleg riots in Northern Ireland, many of the things that happened weren't reported. I don't mean pretend stories of Loyalists watching the police beat old people up, I'm talking about Loyalists burning out buses and blocking roads.

Who decides where are news is gonna take us? There seems to be familiar patterns to it, distract by lying big to get people worked up and do the real work somewhere else.   

Who approved these hospital closures .... well it was done when you were talking about ghey marriage and abortion, it's all legal.... ya didn't even noticed the rise in petrol.

Where is the outrage? I don't want outrage over the alleged taking our guns or how everyone on food stamps are eating better than me with two jobs and how the immigrants get everything handed to them .... quit the made up shit and go check out the facts .... not on Facebook. 

While others think that some heritage or culture that they don't have is worth destroying a country and a peace for why do they not protest each cut their own leaders make to programs every week? Why are they not celebrating each cruise ship that brings tourists to our shore? 

The media is doing us no favours by letting the morons come to their own conclusions. Here we go. The Muslim Brotherhood are a hate group infecting the world .... not all Muslims support them, got it? 
Just like the IRA are cock sucking scumbags, not all Catholics support them. 

So many groups with so many idiot names to mention. Sometimes you just have to stop and think, 'putting this bomb on this busy street, is that really the right thing to do?' ... the answer is no, no matter how great you think yer cause it. 
  Where is the outrage?
The Beatles had a couple of catchy tunes, they weren't no One Direction or Justin Bieber but they were ok. 
If that dentist fucker with Lennon's tooth clones him Old Knudsen will have to go shoot him meself. Imagine all the people .... don't fucking tell me what to do you unwashed hippy!

Yes I do understand that a cloned John Lennon might not be anything like the original. Old Knudsen made a ton of clones of himself in the early 90's and most of them didn't want have threesomes .... fucking ghey if you ask me. 

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