Friday, 16 August 2013

Letter From America

Peter Robinson the First Minister of Northern Ireland did a u-turn on the development of the Maze prison yesterday.
Catholic and Protestant terrorists lived and died there and their scummy supporters want to go see where Michael Fassbender got his cock out and maybe experience a Loyalist tuck shop first hand. "How much for a Mars bar?" ..... "Yer arse tonight!"

Get in there and get yer cock out ya skinny dying fucker!

Robinson who is living the life on holiday in Florida ..... the home of all evil, is feeling the big man.

Who noticed we didn't have a leader during those riots? we are so used to no leadership that we just plod along throwing bricks of hatred. 

Sitting doon Robinson wrote a letter saying, "oh sure we'll go ahead with the Maze cos we're calling the shots" he then went to bed chuckling and then wrote another letter ..... psyche!  nah we're pulling out of the whole thing, you shiners and yer IRA parades are just too much. 

So he did a u-turn on his u-turn which means as usual the DUP are stuck in a roundabout of indecisiveness .  

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