Monday, 12 August 2013

Killing Children Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

If Christians didn't molest children and dictate the sex lives of straight and ghey people openly condemning all, then Old Knudsen wouldn't have a problem with them. If they actually followed the teachings of Christ then all would be well and it would be a nicer world.

Old Knudsen doesn't thrust his old religion beliefs at you. He may judge you but ya fucking well deserve it.
He may remind you of the pagan history the Christians stole but he doesn't get into his craft as well ... you can't handle the truth.

Get real, life and death is a part of our existence and not everyone can live . I would rather die than live an unwanted life in a resentful family with daily abuse or alone at the mercy of pedos in some institution... that is not living.
When an unwanted child is kept by the mother then that destroys two lives.
Children need to be protected and until we can do that for all of those not born to a loving stable parent then we need abortion. Look around the world at the children living on the streets we can't even look after the ones we have right now. 
Some people should be killed at birth or at least not allowed to breed . 

Should these people be having children? if you are for abortion (anti-choice) then you must think that they should be allowed to breed right?  Guess what their kids will turn out like.  

 Parents handing the hate down to their children so they can be just like them. Stupid and angry.

What if the fetus was ghey, who you fight for it's rights then? Being against ghey marriage and abortion is something the right wing Catholics and Protestants can agree on ... so Christian ... not!

It really really pisses Old Knudsen off when Christian black people discriminate against gheys. They should know better what it feels like to be discriminated against but they go on to do it, just like the Jews in Israel. 

Not much positivity comes out of Christianity, just lots of don't do this you are sinful and wrong. 

If you don't want an abortion then don't have one, if you don't want to marry someone of the same sex then don't.



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