Monday, 26 August 2013

I'll Be Your Prison Bitch

Bradley Manning no longer wants to be called by his real name, instead he wants to be called Chelsea Womaning.
A very odd young fella that is for sure.  He suffers from gender dysphoria and has assumed a female identity.   Wikipedia is already referring to he as a she, just because you say it in a woman's voice doesn't make it real ya know.

Originally from Wales .... which explains a lot it has also been suggested he suffers from Fetal alcohol syndrome as his parents were drunks. Still accepted into the US army you'll notice, they aren't too fussy these days .... theres a war or two on.

Not the right attitude for the army and displayed outbursts and poor judgement but still given access to secret information.
Leaking info to those cunts at Wikileaks is being a traitor but it all boils doon to what you can put up with or how high you hold your own personal honour and integrity.

 Watch the movie Casualty of war for better understanding of what happens to touts.

I don't know what Bradley was thinking when he leaked the info, he mentioned doing it during online chats so maybe he was trying to impress people. The lad just wasn't army material and he showed it. 

Two wrongs don't make a right.

 Justine Bieber who is a very pretty gurl was unavailable for comment.

Fort Leavenworth, does not provide hormone therapy or sex-reassignment surgery for gender identity issues. It does, however, provide psychiatric care .... a bit late for that. It's just lucky he didn't grab a gun and go postal on his fellow troops, going by the bullying he received during training.

Well Chelsea, you'll have 35 years of getting practice being a woman, yer fellow inmates will love you big time. 

Was this yer big plan to get 35 years in an all male prison with all the cock you can eat?   well played young lad/lady enjoy yer showers. 


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