Friday, 9 August 2013

If You Have Killed Someone You Care About LIKE And SHARE!

Facebook is full of memes to LIKE and SHARE and news about the exciting lives of exciting people though more stalkers than posters if you ask me. 

My what a small gun and knife you have.

You can't accuse Derek Medina of being a Facebook stalker, he goes above and beyond social media by killing his wife Jennifer Alfonso and posting a blood splattered picture of her. Of course this is probably normal Facebook stuff where he is from ..... FLORIDA!!!

I want to rape and kill you .... no maybe kill then rape you, oh and eat yer face.

Derek told friends that she was punching him and that he was sick of the abuse so he shot her. He walked into a police station and surrendered himself.

Besides being from Florida there is something seriously wrong with this guy. Updating status, 'Just killed the wife FML off to jail I suppose ... lol thats the weekend ruined.' 

If Old Knudsen had to be honest, Derek has the kind of face that is just begging to be punched. He gets on like a scary hardman and gets beat up by his wife? I'm sure he was trying to appear macho as Latino types do but yer name is Derek and yer like retarded or something, on the level of Willie Frazer I'm talking here, go and look at the purple hoodie pic again and tell me I'm wrong. While it's probably wrong in some cuntries to beat mentally disabled people, Derek no doubt needed it.

She must have been drunk or really desperate to have hooked up with him, or maybe just wanted some boxing practice. I'd love to know how inappropriate his other status updates were.  'Just took a massive dump, can't wipe my cornhole clean' or ' Got a boner while watching Glee, is my wife right and I'm gay?'

So Texas, Florida has yet again made it's move with some crazy shit .... yer turn. 

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