Sunday, 11 August 2013

I Give You Sexy Melons

Welcum to my Sunday sermon on the evils of Christianity. Old Knudsen for one has had enough Christian love to last several of his lifetimes. Christianity persecutes, tortures, kills, molests and bores.
Instead of burning this lovely lady for being a witch because she doesn't agree with you, why not love her as Jesus preached? .... I'd love to give her a good hard lovin over a wheelie bin up the back alley.
Stop being so fucking angry all the time you insecure dickhead. You attack other people in the name of yer god for things that are none of yer business and that don't affect you. Love life and appreciate a nice big pair of tits.
Or small ones if you like, it doesn't matter. Many times you'll find that nice people are attached to them and nice people can be very obliging.

Window lickers can be as kinky as fuck so don't judge. 

I have no idea why Christians are attracted to children when there are weemen like this about. So many weemen to reject you and sooo little time.

Don't worry, I'll help you make the transition from children to adults, you just have to take some pills to get rid of yer imaginary friend who judges everyone as sinful and threatens to burn them forever etc etc :::: yawn::::

If it helps then just whack away to black and white pictures and say they are artistic soon you'll be able to objectify weemen like us normal folk do.

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