Tuesday, 13 August 2013

History For Dummies

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I don't know why I look at the Protestant Coalition's page oh yeah, it's to laugh at people less fortunate than I.

They have to be a parody group, I mean when you point out that 4000 years is kinda very incorrect they call you brainwashed eejits. Seriously 4000 years? it's common sense to know thats wrong. 

I have no idea where Ulster moron is but the Scoti were indeed an Irish tribe who harassed the Romans, in fact the Romans even gave them the name Scoti and where the people to first record them. Let me know how you could possibly know about them 4000 years ago when the Romans were only in Britain in 43AD. 

Scoti became the name for all Gaels ..... Thats what the Irish and Scottish are, dirty Gauls from Spain and France etc. 

The first inhabitants of Scotland were the Picts, who were said to be dark skinned people with a language with its roots in Sanskrit.  

In the 5th century the Scoti and the Picts stopped fighting each other and started fucking .... No one else wanted Scotland as the Romans who had already built a wall to keep the Picts out had fucked off to Rome. 

4000 fucking years? maybe in some crazy creationist's wet dream.   

They don't look too bright so I suppose you don't get disappointed. Lay off the made up history lessons ya buck eejits.


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