Saturday, 10 August 2013

Angels Walk Amongst Us

In eastern Missouri Katie Lentz and her mother got trapped in their car during an accident in which their Mercedes collided with another vehicle. Emergency workers managed to get the mother out but Katie was still trapped in the mangled wreck and not doing too well.

As the workers prepared to cut her free in a dangerous final effort she calmly asked if someone would pray with her. Out of the crowd stepped a man dressed in the black clothes and collar of a priest.  It was as if he had just appeared out of nowhere.

He prayed with her and sprinkled some of his magic oil while 20 rescuers positioned the wreck and freed Katie and got her to hospital. Raymond Reed the fire chief looked around for the priest to thank but the priest had vanished.
No one knew who the priest was and he didn't belong to any of the local parishes so obviously people are thinking hes maybe an angel... He doesn't appear in any of the 70 photos of the scene of the accident either.

It's almost as if .... no one took his picture or that he was surrounded by firefighters and was dressed in black, how mysterious. 

The news stories use words to guide you along to the conclusion of an angel and to make it sound more mysterious than it was.

Carla Churchill Lentz the mother of Katie says there is no way her daughter should still be alive after that crash and maye he was an angel dressed as a priest "because the Bible tells us there are angels among us."

My blog tells you that lemurs are out to conquer the world, I bet you wouldn't believe that.

They are by the way, oh yeah, you should worry.

So some bloke likes to dress as a priest and masturbate on public transport .... hence the oil as Americans being circumcised can't self lube... suddenly hes an angel even though he got a good eye full of a 19 year-old's semi naked body and felt empowered for a while. 

Hey it's America, they all like to cosplay for various reasons. Maybe he was a priest on the run from an angry mob for touching up kids and was heading through the town, that explains why he didn't hang around afterwards. 

No one calls pedo priests 'demons' but when one does his job they shout 'angel' ... 77% of  Americans polled said they believed in angels while 40% believe in evolution ... well it's just a theory, Angels on the other hand are FACT cos the Bible says so. 

I got some mail through my door, by the time I got up and looked out the window there was no one there ... ANGELS!
Maybe the angel was George Bredemann. He died in an Arizona State Prison in 2012 aged 69. A onetime executive for the Boy Scouts of America he sexually abused at least 15 boys before becoming a priest, and at least eight after.
Bishop Thomas O'Brien, had known of past allegations against the guy prior to his ordination but he was his kinda guy. 

Bredemann is probably up in Heaven since he was a Christian man and all so maybe he gets angel jobs, he fits the description of the priest at the accident, a silver-haired man in his 50s or 60s .

I'd call the rescue workers the angels because you can do without the prayer but not the jaws of life or a paramedic. 

Katie sustained a lot of injuries but the good news is that her face and teeth are fine .... I don't know why her Ma would mention her teeth, maybe she paid to have work done on them. Fuck the two broken femurs, a broken tibia and fibia, broken left wrist, nine broken ribs, a lacerated liver, ruptured spleen and bruised lung, how are her teeth? 


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