Thursday, 15 August 2013

25 Amazing Facts About Redheads

A friend of mine on Facebook has Ginger Addiction Syndrome GAS. Whatever cock will do as long as there are ginger pubes attached and would so go leezer for ginger too. Old Knudsen gave her back rubs and Rohypnol but nothing worked. She did get mysteriously pregnant but it wasn't ginger so she sold it. Here are 25 amazing facts about redheads that are 100% true ...... about 47% of the time. If you or anyone you know has gas then let them know the truth that is this post. 

Redheads or Gingers are pure evil. Many of them do not know they are evil but all Satan has to do is say the magic word and they become monsters who spit on sidewalks, run in corridors and don't return library books even though there is a queue of people requesting that book.

 There is no such thing as a hot redhead.

Gingers do not have any friends, usually because they killed them and drank their blood in order to keep their hair red. 
Danny Bonaduce was cursed by the Gogs because they do that kinda shit. He is ugly, stupid, ginger and has a small penis .... why do you keep staring at it?

Other cursed gingers work out a lot ..... but it doesn't heal the pain. 

Yer Ma is ginger and not only can Old Knudsen afford her but he gets change back too... a lot of change.

Neanderthals were ginger which is why they were hunted to extinction by Homo sapiens. In Scotland many ginger Neanderthal females were used for breeding (as they aren't too picky in Scotland) and so their DNA survives in all gingers today.

A popular Scottish actress Karen Gillan recently revealed that gingers are also shape shifting reptilian aliens from the Alpha Draconis star system. She has since been dissected by the NSA which is ok as her Dr Who days are over.

Old Knudsen has been saying this for years but of course no one listened. Their freckles are also star charts to distant galaxies .... try to avoid the black hole.  

Willie Frazer was cursed by the Gogs because they do that kinda shit. He is ugly, stupid, ginger and has a small penis.
Where did the £350,000 EU grant money go Willie? .... not on suits and personal grooming thats for sure. 
 No point in asking his wife, she can't move her mouth.

Gingers do have a "soul" .... a cold black sullen soul filled with hate and despair.

Gingers Old Knudsen has the raging horn for.

And remember

They may be alien creatures of Satan but gingers have feelings too. Just remember that the next time yer hunting one doon, maybe you can use their feelings as a way to lure them out.

Thats yer 25 amazing facts about redheads.

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