Friday, 5 July 2013

Tickets To Heaven


Why are all Christians pedophiles? What a difficult question to ask, maybe the scriptures and all the inconsistencies warp their brains and makes them fucked in the head or something but I wouldn't trust a Priest or an Orangeman around children, stat! 

Pedos aren't necessarily about sex, it's mostly about the power and the control they have over others. All the various branches of Christianity put men in charge with weemen and the children as submissive followers so it naturally works out for pedos. How insecure do ya have to be to get power because a book says so? .... aye the Jews and the Muslins are as fucking bad so don't ya sit there with yer wooly faces looking smug.    

Old Knudsen is more likely to answer yer prayer than yer imaginary friend. Make Old Knudsen yer imaginary friend of choice .... he is the wey ... so he is.   

 Time to get angry .....  Pedophile priest James Donaghy told a distraught seven-year-old boy that he could get his dead grandfather out of purgatory and into heaven if he performed a sex act on him.

The poor boy couldn't tell anyone about what happened and so he went to confession, only to find Father Donaghy on the other side.  

As a Gog, Old Knudsen doesn't put up with that shite and if you read his blog and figured he did well you'd get an early morning wake up call from Old Knudsen and his amazing dancing tin snips. 

Let Old Knudsen be yer imaginary friend and pray to him ..... it's called e-mail ya twat. As with the old way, look looking people get their prayers answered first, if at all. 


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