Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Time Of The Walker

 "Na surrender M8"

As everyone knows a zombie apocalypse is just around the corner, believe Old Knudsen cos he saw the last few. The 1918 so-called flu pandemic being the last one to hit the headlines in the west, other minor ones in Africa and the recent Arab spring events have been dealt with for the most.

Whenever Old Knudsen hears about a bus or rail crash his first thought is, I wonder if it's an assassination on one person made to look like an accident and his second thought usually is could be containment or stock control of Operation dead eye his third thought is usually about midget porn or something.     

We all know about Prince Philip being a zombie since his death in 2011 RIP Prince Philip and we know that the US government with their CIA serum Prince Philip Still Dead have been keeping the rich and the famous alive for years. Kirk Douglas Dead

I also told you how big companies like Heinz manipulate you and start rumours of the end of the world to get cans of beans sold Con-sume

As Old Knudsen was counting his cans of beans this morning, the count was off BTW so we have a traitor amongst us ... no wait I had some last nite when I staggered home blootered.

I looked towards Obama's zombie breeding camp known as Florida.

Remember folks, it's passed via body fluids so if you catch a zombie for fucking, wear a condom.

I was doing my usual search on Google Earth and found Miracle Village. A little enclave in Florida that is home to a community of sex offenders and their families.

Set up by a Christian organization because as we know Christians are pedos,which explains the whole anti-abortion stance, they want sexy little children to be born into vulnerable families or put into the foster system so they can diddle them.

While it is pretty satisfying smashing in the head of a zombie .... or someone you might think will turn into one (you can't be too careful) wouldn't it be great to bash in the head of a zombie sex offender?
If in doubt of a person infected by the zombie virus: 

Slurred words, not making sense when they speak a glazed look on their face .... not able to understand simple concepts like loyalty to the Queen, very angry. They might be turning into walkers, get them before they fully turn. Zombie Fleggers

Get yer target practice in while you can. The US has disarmed most of Europe as that was their zombie serum testing ground before they started in Florida, Texas and Arizona... blowing faces off, good family fun, well done Jack yer the father of the year.  

Wait a minute, doesn't that target look like someone? Oh yeah, President of the US Morgan Freeman. Only in Florida would they build a village for sex offenders, next there will be a zombie village. Out in the open zombies flaunting themselves in public and destroying the sanctity of marriage etc etc.

Should walkers be allowed to marry?  The Bible says a man and a woman, it didn't say they had to be alive though.
Check out yer History channel, zombies have been about for centuries, Jesus made a few himself like Lazarus before he himself was infected by a dirty needle.
Did the CIA find the holy grail that contained the secret to eternal life .... as a rotting corpse but still alive huh? 
Oh fuck! a zombie with a social conscience. I call these mongs who just jump on a cause  Trendy Activists, aye ignore all the other bad shit because it isn't good looking enough, not the right colour or hasn't had enough TV coverage. 

Stay frosty my friends, zombies are among us. 

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