Friday, 26 July 2013

The Protestant Coalition Wants You!

Willie Frazer from the The Protestant Coalition has some new leaflets you might be interested in if you support the Protestant culture .... or are ya a cock sucking Fenian? 

Just to remind everyone that the The Protestant Coalition has nothing to do with the neo-Nazi Jim Dowson group Britain First, it just shares all it's links, info and looks the same.

Nor does the The Protestant Coalition have anything to do with the anti-choice groups Dowson also runs, but remember, every sperm is sacred so don't spit it out.

I shall return to the land of wondering where the income for all these assholes comes from, yes making the odd several thousand disappear is all and good but it doesn't last that long.

Panhandling bastards! I thought I saw Golding selling the Big Issue in the street behind Boots. If you see these men collecting money, do not fall for their Nazi like charm, guilt trips or fear mongering, not one penny will reach the blind orphans so save yer 20p for real charity collectors.

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