Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Polio Vaccine Made Me Psychic

Yesterday Old Knudsen was told from a Facebook friend (who unfriended him) that Wiccans all worship Satan and push the abortion issue to kill all the children in the name of said Christian invented devil of the underworld.... Hell.  Not to be confused with the underworld Goddess Hel. 

Old Knudsen being an expert in the old ways hit the Internet to find out if these claims were true or just insane rantings from a Christian anti-choice nutter who knows nothing about Paganism or witchcraft.

He found the question being asked: Why are Wiccans so fat and ugly? hardly anything to do with killing fetus' but bear with me. Pastor Sampson had his unique take on this.

Moonbeam Starglow and Raven Sunstroke want to tell you about the Goddess ... then have a threesome to heal the earth with sex magick ... sounds good to me. 

Wiccans in their youth as they join their various covens looking for balance in nature and easy sex from like minded individuals. Mostly left wing type people who unlike Christians don't support war or the fondling of children and go into these religions. You'll find many ex fondled kids and rape survivors who wonder why God lets bad shit happen in these groups. You getting raped by the pastor was all God's plan so be comforted.

Lets keep the poser Satanists to the side, they only want to be individual and to shock people by wearing black and getting their nipples pierced ... no power to be had there.

Here is the pretty young Wiccan on the left with the unicorn t-shirt years later. Obviously evil or the constantly telling people you don't wear a pointy hat wears you doon.

The one on the right can no longer wear belly tops either. About that threesome, we can still have it ... just the two of us.

Here Jorge Thunderhorse ... a powerful Warlock uses his tree-fu to get the lotto numbers

After winning the lotto he set about birthing an army of evil minions (like Wiccans do) yer eating for 50 now, doon yer neck.

Old Knudsen's Facebook friend was not interested in learning the truth about the old ways turned new as her mind was made up and unfriended me for pointing out her lack of Christian tolerance for other religions.  It's ok to be a sectarian bigot if yer Christian.

The reason why witchcraft is seen as evil is people like her who demonized other belief systems, and the stealing their ways (Easter, Christmas etc) and places of worship so that Christianity would flourish. 

A battle of imaginary friends indeed but witchcraft has nothing to do with the Devil, it has to do with nature and knowledge, not my fault you fear what you don't understand. If people call themselves a witch and say "all hail Satan" just smile and avoid them .

 Poor Trayvon Christ, all he wanted to do is smoke weed and beat up on crackers.

You have more reason to fear the deluded followers of Christ who don't base their religion on his teachings of peace and love but rather concentrate on the torture bit at the end and what other people should be doing, or not doing.  

Pastor Sampson came to the conclusion that Wiccans are fat and ugly because:  Wicca makes these people fat and unattractive. We have found that it's the hole that Jesus leaves in the soul that the practitioner of evil arts is trying to fill with peanut butter, ice cream and Christian babies.

Ha! Christian babies .... Old Knudsen was wrong? ... how do you know the baby is Christian? In Old Knudsen's opinion they all taste like pork.

Christians are so darned attractive, here Becky Fischer gets busy brainwashing children at her Jesus camp. If you pray hard enough you'll have a good life. Your father diddled you? well you obviously didn't believe in Jesus enough.

I've noticed this a lot.

I liked the story where at a fair in the US an anti-choice tent handed out soft squishy baby fetus' to the children. What the fuck is going on in their more than empty heads? Ya know what Pagans, Witches and Wiccans don't do? .... yep traumatize children with dead baby toys.   

Old Knudsen is made sullen when exposed to uninformed idiocy of this level from grown ups and so will start exposing the real truths such as the robots in disguise Obama has posing as people ... very crafty.
We got wise to Interweb memes (after 15 or so years) and so to find out if we are boxers or briefs the government has to be more clever.


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