Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Orange Order Pig Cover Up

As Napoleon once said, "Control bacon and you control the masses" Old Knudsen believes the Orange Order, combined with the Caleb foundation has been slowly but surely taking over Northern Ireland by placing it's members as either politicians or as farmers to control everything of importance here.

If anyone ever goes missing a pig farm is the first place you should start looking. Criminals and bacon dealers own pig farms.

The Orange Order believe they are descended from a race of pig people who were the lost tribe of Israel which is why Jews don't eat pork .... anyway the Orange lot have been breeding with pigs to re-create a pig race again that will replace the trouble making Catholic and other minorities in Northern Ireland.

 Considering what the weemen look like I'm all for pig breeding.

There have been rumours that Loyalists in health care positions have been stealing new born Catholic babies and replacing them with their pig babies who are predisposed to marching, drinking and setting things on fire.

The health minister for Northern Ireland who is also an Orangeman Edwin Poots was not available for comment but a DUP spokesman said, "what idiotic lies made up by the enemies of the Protestant culture, these kind of stories only mix up tensions in the community, well I have to go and march through a taigy neighbourhood, see ya later."  

Old Knudsen puts the facts out there, let the people decide.

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