Friday, 12 July 2013

The Naked Orange

 Rev Mervyn Gibson otherwise known as the naked marcher.

The Orange Order is a pseudo religious organization which promotes the Protestant religion in Northern Ireland were told they cannot march up a road.

Every year they have marched through an area of North Belfast called the Ardoyne and because many Catholics live there and do not like an organization that is against Catholics they sorta don't want them walking past their houses playing tunes that are offensive so there is very often trouble.

The Prod and Taig fleggers riot at the drop of a hat, the only language they understand is a sound flogging. Flog a flegger .... today.

The Orange parade (not to be confused with the Rose parade which is a real parade unlike this shite) is allowed to march past the Ardoyne shops in the morning but on their return in the evening they are not allowed to march on that route. 

Castle Court has far better shopping so who cares about Ardoyne?

Some Unionist MP's got really upset and called some nasty names.  

This ruling was made by the Parades Commission which is a fairly useless group of individuals but it will be enforced by the police. 

Reverend Mervyn Gibson of the Orange order said:    

"What we are trying to do is give vent to people's anger in a peaceful and controlled way, but there are people out there who are angry, very angry. 

"What we are saying is, 'control that anger and channel it against the Parades Commission'."

What happened to turning the other cheek?  You have them out so why not?

The DUP get into a real state when the Parades Commission makes a ruling. I wonder how many of them actually stick around on their vacation time to attend the parades that are soooo important to them.

Why doesn't Northern Ireland get with the 21st century and make parade organizers carry insurance? I suspect you'll find that when they have to pay for any trouble they may cause their traditions won't mean as much to them as it does now.

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