Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Suffer The Little Children

Where is Bughuul the eater of children when you need him? There is this little boy named Alfie who lives nearby. The thing about Northern Ireland is that people cannot regulate their speech levels and combine that with the social graces of a rabid dog and a lack of respect, they find that they have to shout over each other.
The grandad was telling Alfie not to do something because then people would think he was a bad boy. Alfie loudly asks, "I'm I a bad boy grandad?" there was a silence and then something muttered by the grandad.

Not wanting to encourage Pagan deities or pedos , you'd get a lot of postive press if you pick children like Aflie.
It's almost the 12th July and Alfie has his dad's drum, hes loudly banging for hours knowing just one short riff and playing it over and over, when he isn't doing that he and his friends are parading around the neighbourhood with their drums and also drumming on cars and fences.  

Bughuul, how about getting yer ass into gear?

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