Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sexy Or Not

So it's Sunday, the day when I tempt Christian pedos with hot adults to lure them away from the children ..... fuck the children!

I'm starting early to make sure everyone knows what a fucktard Texas Governor Rick Perry is just in case he takes the head staggers and goes for president in 2016.

Texas, otherwise known as yon big shit hole near Mexico loves this dude with his fake Texas twang and cultivated tough guy image.

Newsflash pal, you were Airforce. Old Knudsen's shit is tougher than anything airforce!

Hey gurl, I can be tender too.

Perry is a gold member of the NRA, being bigoted and loving guns get you votes in Texas, they are a simple people who for some strange reason think they are better than everyone else even though they have to borrow millions to keep the state in some form of working order.

A Christian he is one of really stupid variety. He believes the Bible has no errors and is 100% true. Nope, don't want to hear it, blah blah blah not listening it's true so there.

A believer of Intelligent design he thinks that those who believe in evolution to be dumber than a box of grits.
He is anti-choice and has made abortion in Texas illegal .... except if the mother's life was in danger, but rape and incest, you have to have the baby .

Perry is well into closing down Planned Parenthood clinics, because hes a cunt I suppose...

While Perry believes that life is sacred and abortion is wrong he has had over 230 prisoners executed and even passed a bill saying he can execute the mentally ill cos he hates tards.

Affordable healthcare? .... only for socialist faggots. If you can't buy it then you can't have it bitch, in fact if I don't like what you want you still can't have it.

He did want all Texan gurls to get the  HPV vaccine which protects against cunt warts and cancer because he cares .... or was it that he was financially linked to the company that manufactured it? 

Rick Perry on Gheys .. Marriage is between a man and a woman, being ghey is like being an alcoholic, just quit doing it. A former Eagle scout he was against the Boy scouts accepting gheys into their ranks, he was quite happy with don't ask don't tell.
The scouts now are allowing ghey members as long as you don't do anything because you'd be under age and by the time you reach the age of consent it's time to leave the scouts .... nicely played ya haters.
The more I meet religious people the more idiots there are in my life .... coincidence?

The only thing I can think of for Perry closing Planned Parenthood clinics and preventing abortion is that he likes poor people as he doesn't want them to have access to contraception and wants there to be more of them.

James Holmes used to be a baby. Perry would have him killed as an adult but not as a baby. Hypocrite anyone?
As usual with anti-choice people I don't see Perry adopting any unwanted babies. Out of sight out of mind, not his problem, he did his job butting in and ruining lives .

He has to be an alien. Growing humans to harvest them for the alien overlords to eat. I almost believed the Christian act but you were really way too stupid.

This is the face of stupidity wrapped up in a shell of dangerous. Watch out 2016, we need Hilary, not Prick Perry.

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