Thursday, 4 July 2013

No Surrender And No Refunds!

The UVF (Ulster Volunteer Farmacy) and the UDA (Ulster Dispensing Association) have been putting up their flags on lamp posts because ..... they can I suppose. When these criminals aren't trying to kill Catholics or trying to get votes for their political parties they deal drugs for Gog and Ulster. 
 At the moment they are dealing in green pills that has so far claimed the lives of 8 people in Northern Ireland.
What is the point of killing off the onion heads out for a fix of ecstasy?  Well they are terrorists and terrorists are all into that terror thing.
Like the IRA they don't mind killing their own people and as 5 of the people killed were from East Belfast they certainly are killing their own.

These gangs needed to be broken 15 years ago as they do nothing but cause division in the community.
The UVF have also hi-jacked the battle of the Somme which kinda annoys me because as cowardly criminals they are not fit to wipe the muddy boots of those who have served and it's not like these spides have it in them to serve.

They are as likely to be able to serve Queen and country in the military with honor as a fat fuck watching football on the telly has of being a footballer.

But they can put up flags and intimidate people by outnumbering them .... like I said, cowardly criminals.   
So if yer out for a party don't go buying drugs from a Loyalist, get them from the Fenians, less chance of them killing you.

Oh sorry I meant to say, don't do drugs as it's illegal and wrong. Do you want to end up like Russell Brand, an unfunny walking STD cockhead?

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