Monday, 8 July 2013

Nelson McCauseland, Your Time Is Up

Nelson McCausland, is a unionist politician from Northern Ireland. He is the current Minister for Social Development and has been on my shit list for ages.

He is the twat who wants creationism to be displayed along side the scientific and historical theories in Museums, he is the twat who actually got a creationist display at the Giant's causeway. This cunt is running social housing into the ground so he will be justified in privatizing it. 

Let me explain to you about this bigoted Orangeman DUP bitch just so the simple story is out there as Karma just wants the facts.

When he took over for social development he also took over social housing as run by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE)  they have many dodgy contractors working for them, one of them being Red Sky.
The previous head of the department left a post it note or something saying, 'Red Sky are a lying bag of dicks who over charge, charge for work not done and work on buildings that don't even exist, they need to be fired.'

Nelson being a really smart and deep type said, 'why get rid of them the next people in might just be as bad?'
Wow thats a fair point brimming with deductive logic and reasoning. Then he came up with the idea that when people need something fixed the NIHE should put the job out for bidding... um hello I need my gas boiler fixed I think it's about to explode .  Please hold we're bound to have a contractor within the next 24 hours.

NIHE is corrupt and is leaking money, much like yer ma leaking joo joo juice out of her pube palace .... It also seems that the DUP is corrupt too. Big shock!

Jenny Palmer a  NIHE board member, got a phone call from McCauseland's special adviser asking her to change vote that was against Red Sky.

Tut tut, putting the pressure on to get a result. Men in Northern Ireland, especially religious ones or those in positions of authority think weemen will do as they are told. Ms Palmer surprised them when she blew the whistle on her own party members, wow someone in the DUP not out to line their own pockets, well done.
Why would she lie? there is nothing in it for her except the amount of crap she'd get from her own team.
A smug looking lying sack of shit, 'I can't monitor every phone call my staff make. '

McCauseland is as guilty as sin so to counteract it he plays the clueless innocent who shows indignation when any wrong doing on his behalf is suggested.  You can tell by his body language that hes guilty. Fidgety and on the attack when hes too used to not being questioned cos hes Nelson McCauseland by Jove and his holy roller mafia known as the Caliban will fuck you up.

Another trick the guilty play is to blame others for other wrong doing as a distraction. He is constantly blaming the NIHE for overspending, not checking that work was done and for over paying the contractors.
Yes the NIHE are a load of incompetent morons but McCauseland should remember that it is he who is responsible for them.

Nelson McCauseland and his buddy Edwin Poots need to not be in charge of the way this country is heading. They bully others and bypass democracy when they can.  Decisions based on making money for their buddies and keeping Northern Ireland as a tribal closed on Sunday back water where everyone is getting along because everyone is protestant.

How can a man who is in the Orange order, an organization that is openly biased against Catholics be in control of social development? If yer in the Orange order yer development is already stunted. Should politicians be allowed to be bigoted or should they lead by example for all and help everyone equally?
I know the answer so don't worry.


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Anonymous said...

"......He is the twat who wants creationism to be displayed along side the scientific and historical theories in Museums,....."

And the problem with that is?
Ya fecking ignorant thalidomide stump sucker! Are ya not aware of how easily white women, so indoctrinated, will spread it for ya?