Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Just A Lad

So some poof with his jizzed up ginger hair thought it would be funny to squirt people with a water gun.
Philip Deazley a 21 year-old ..... boy was at the seaside town of Portstewart with his friends squirting people through their car windows and laughing, "oh I'm so funny, yer stuck in traffic and I wet you and yer kids, I like making children wet cos I'm a balding ginger cum bucket" ... to paraphrase what he might have said.

It wasn't until he squirted a police land rover was he arrested. Now Phil who says it was "just a bit of harmless fun" will go through the courts rather than pay a fine, "I'll go to court if it comes to that."

The police have faced criticism over this but thats whats wrong with Northern Ireland and plenty of other places around the world, boys will be boys ... um no, hes supposed to be an adult. Harmless fun? squirting strangers in their cars might be fun to you but not so much to them, you only play with people who are playing with you.

If this harmless fun gets laughed away as just a prank or he was just being a lad then that continues to pave the way for other unacceptable behaviour such as RAPE maybe those people with their windows rolled doon were asking for it.

When Old Knudsen was 21 he wasn't running around with a water gun, he was saving the world while working 4 jobs, grow the fuck up ya ultra violet carrot top little cunt with yer totally ghey polo shirt with it's collar turned up in the true douche bag style mode.

Old Knudsen says bring back hanging for Philip Deazley. 

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