Wednesday, 17 July 2013

His Only Crime Was Skittles

Fixating .... that is what you are doing. Trayvon wasn't a little angel, he was a 17 year-old tattooed 6 foot 2in weed smoking wannabe criminal .... fuck, yon truth stings but wise the fuck up!

Yeah yeah yeah I'm sure his parents loved him but what is important here is rent a cops not even being charged with manslaughter .... that is worrying.

I'll bust a cap in your cracker ass.

Oh and Zimmerman, nice try folks but he is in no way white. He even calls himself Hispanic. If you want to play the race card then you must try better. 

 Taste the rainbow.

Oh and by the way, Old Knudsen is not Bradley Manning, Julian Assange or even Trayvon Martin. For fuck sake the media bends my shite at times.

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