Thursday, 11 July 2013

Everybody Hurts

Five hundred and 43 specially trained police officers from mainland Britain will be brought into Northern Ireland to support the local PSNI officers.

Just like for the G8 the PSNI didn't need the fish out of water English peelers for crowd control, they needed them for moral support and the odd emergency hug.

Norn Iron is full of morons who for some reason think they are very important because they have never set foot outside of their own culture and people ..... like what the world thinks Americans should be like.

Rude, pushy, jumps line, demands things now!!!! sound familiar? if yer gonna keep saying yer British then fucking well act like it. 

The PSNI officers have to police these people and the strain does get to them, "why do they give me a gun and then say I can't shoot them?" asked one officer who shall remain nameless.

The 543 officers of the cracked hug and shoulder pat unit will be working with the local police so the fleggers and other expected trouble makers do not take the wind from their beautiful sails.

Yes you are a pig .... yer 'Babe' and if you do smell like bacon then good cos who doesn't like the smell of bacon? 

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