Monday, 22 July 2013

Before The Storm

It does get a little boring meeting new people online, firstly .... you've never fucking heard of me, where the fuck have you been noob ?

Then you have to tell them what their problem is but not get too into their issues or you'll be there all day.
Example: Yer a dickhead who talks out of yer arse if yer breath is anything to go by ... smelling someone's breath online is artistic license or taking the piss, whatever.

See? that covers what their problem is.

The last thing you want to get into are their mammy issues and how they were her special wee man and because hes a spoiled wee man child the only place he can act big is online. I'm no touching the territorial alpha dog shit you have going on.

Like I said I could be there all day.

Repetitive issues, we aren't so unique you just have to figure the various combinations.

Then you end up arguing because they didn't 'get' or just didn't read what you said ..... for fucks sake!

Before Old Knudsen is forced to kill again hes just going to sit in what sun there is left. Skin cancer is less painful than some of the stupid hes encountered recently.


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