Wednesday, 17 July 2013

At Last! The Royal Baby

The royal baby has finally arrived. At 7lbs 3oz  it was disappointingly a gurl. Not to worry, little Clint will go through a procedure known as gender reassignment, this is not the first time for the royal family as her great uncle Prince Edward was also born a female.

Clint , Edward , Trayvon, Colin,  Mandela Windsor has unexpectedly said her/his first words, "Burn in hell you hoor" while her/his head spun around. Old Knudsen's head didn't start spinning around until he was 8 months old so we have a child prodigy here.

Mother is said to be doing well, the baby clawed her/his own way out and so an episiotomy was not necessary. Gog bless beautiful but dim Kate and all who have sailed up her.


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