Thursday, 4 July 2013

America Is The Greatest Nation In The World!

Happy Independence day to the greatest nation in the world! Aye it used to be Great Britain but since the UK tries to copy the US that says it all. All the other nations are pussies or evil.

If it wasn't for America we'd all be speaking German .... not even the Germans want to speak German.
Wrap an average American woman up in a flag and she looks hot!

This is what we have ...

Americans know customer service and the art of fine dining.

 Americans know funny, we have Father Ted and Benny fucking Hill.... both are dead. 

Presentation .... thats what it's all about. Old Knudsen would love to bust her lone star.

Go round the shops in the UK and you'll see t-shirts for Ventura and San Diego , go round the shops in the US and you won't be seeing t-shirts with Ballycarry or Croydon on them.

Loads of kids wear Hollister clothes, seriously children no one in Callyfornia wears that shite it's a midwestern company owned by those cuntbags at Abercrombie & Fitch that lies about it's history  and you buy it up  LOL!!! 

This is an ugly American woman!

This is an old age pensioner in America.... 66 and still leaping onto yer Ma.

Even in comics America leads and the UK follows, "I say, where do you want us to invade next old chap?"

Yanks can kill you by pushing a button. At 10,000 feet a US drone can pick out an innocent child from amongst a group of Islamists and kill them with death from above using a kid seeker missile.

 The CIA rock! and their rates of pay for foreign contractors such as myself is quite competitive.

Ach if it wasn't for that mix up in the courts Old Knudsen would be there right now spying on citizens rather than in the UK spying on citizens.

Old Knudsen getting ready for yet another mix up in the courts.

We salute you America for yer contribution to world culture and the arts. Happy 4th July and well done on being mature enough not to use this celebration to rub British noses in shit for getting their arse kicked.
If only we were that cool ... or even cool at all but if we win anything you'll never hear the end of it.

Fuck yeah!


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