Monday, 17 June 2013

United Ireland Rant

Ever notice how Peter Robinson is looking more and more like an old woman while Martin McGuinness is looking more and more like an elder statesman? Now it's observations like that which may have people confused as to what Old Knudsen is about.

Old Knudsen has a long history of fighting against bullies, terrorists and discrimination but people only see what they want to see.
I'd hate for Irish Republicans to think for even a second that Old Knudsen was on their side as I would for Flegger Loyalists to think I was one of them.

It'd really easy to slag off Fleggers, they put themselves out there and get on like ghetto black folk. The green Fleggers or Shinners are just as bad and tend to take over FB comment sections thinking they have found their own but they are no craic, just mouth pieces like the Fleggers going on about their own bigoted agenda.
"I'm so Irish I learned Gaeilge and even turned my name Irish"says Geoffrey Smith, now ....Séafra Mac Gabhann... well ok I didn't learn Gaeilge .... so I didn't. 

Old Knudsen doesn't like either side and when he was in the security forces he fought against both lots as he stands for human rights and equality for all ..... whether the sectarian bigots like it or not, each side is as bad as the other and need to go.

Sinn Fein may go on about the Troubles being about human rights but all they care about is themselves and getting a united Ireland on their terms. Sinn Fein means ourselves alone they don't care about anyone. 

Recently there was a bill passed saying that anyone with a prison conviction of 5 years and over cannot get a job as a SPAD which is a special advsior for political parties. It's a well paying job with a salary of £78,000 and is quite influential as to making policy. England, Scotland and Wales has them and Northern Ireland seems to have the most.

Jim Allister who is a right cunt actually did something right.

In 1984 Mary Travers a 22 year-old teacher was leaving mass with her father and mother in south Belfast. Two gunmen approached and shot her father Tom six times, he was a judge and the actual target of the shooting one of the bullets from him went on to kill Mary Travers. They went to shoot the mother point blank in the face but the gun jammed.

A 19 year-old woman, Mary McArdle was arrested in connection with the murder and sentenced to life, she served 14 years before being let out under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement which released all the terrorists ... in the name of peace.

Mary McArdle was given the job of a SPAD by Sinn Fein. To Old Knudsen that is a slap in the face for the victims of terrorists and is certainly in bad taste. Just how did the murder of Mary Travers and all the other Catholics murdered by the IRA go towards uniting Ireland?

McArdle was given the job as a reward for keeping her mouth shut and serving her cause, you don't need any qualifications to be a SPAD so even scummy criminals can become one. 

Jim Allsiter says he was inspired by the sister of the murdered teacher Ann Travers and the bill for stopping convicted murderers from serving as SPADs was passed, all the non-convicted murderers can do as they please as per usual.

All the Shinners go on about a united Ireland just as much as the Loyalists go on about how they are being persecuted.
If you are for the Union, to a Shinner that automatically makes you a Loyalist just as much as all Catholics are terrorists to the Loyalists ...... both sides are not very bright and have the imagination on a dead goldfish, no craic with them at all. You can make fun at them but not with them.

Gerry Adams, number one Shinner laid out a plan for a united Ireland last year .... no one cared.

1) To popularise re-unification as viable, achievable and in the best interests of all and to build consensus for this... Means to keep talking about it and getting it to be an issue
2) To encourage all non-unionist political parties and sections of civic society to become persuaders and actors for reunification... Means to get support from anywhere they can.
3) To convince a section of unionist opinion that their identity, self-interest and quality of life will be best served, secured and guaranteed in a united Ireland... Means to trick some Unionists into thinking they are better off with Ireland so as to start some in-fighting.
4) To challenge those who would seek to maintain the status quo... Means to argue with Unionists.
5) To ensure the Irish Government act on the constitutional imperative of reunification... Means trying to get the Irish government to want to get Northern Ireland ... which they don't. 
6) To encourage the British Government to become persuaders for reunification... Means to make Northern Ireland so bad, probably by bombs that the British want rid of it. 
7) To build on international political and practical support for reunification drawing in particular on the support and influence of the diaspora... Means to get more money from Fenians in Boston.

Not actually a plan considering they have been trying all this for years.

 Senator Kathryn Reilly, Sinn Fein hottie.

Here is what the Shinners conveniently ignore, no one wants Northern Ireland! It's a fucking albatross. England has had it for longer than it's comfortable with, most English are happy just to ignore it and don't know a thing about it.
It costs the British government so much money from all the trouble it's caused over the decades they would love to be rid of it .
Churchill offered the North to Ireland if they joined the fight against Hitler but  De Valera who was obviously a coward said no, he only wanted the north if it was their choice, and he hated Britain which is why he treated the Irish soldiers who fought for Britain as scum.  

Ireland doesn't want Northern Ireland either. It's a troublesome place full of angry, dull and mostly unemployed people and has nothing to offer Ireland except more trouble and expense. The people in the south really don't care about the north and I can't blame them.

Can Northern Ireland be independent? with very little resources the answer is a big fat no.  

Heres something to give you an idea of what an united Ireland would be like. It would be like if Mexico got back California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas also parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas which it had owned before.

Mexico is almost a 3rd world cuntry with people living in cardboard boxes and drug gangs getting into full on firefights with the police and the army. It isn't unusual to see the odd severed head waiting for you on the steps as you go into work . If you go on holiday there don't count on coming back.     

In Ireland, government jobs require you to speak Gaelige. In Northern Ireland the government is the largest employer, many of the Catholics don't even speak Gaelige, we be fucked to be sure.

Ireland had a boom period from 1995 to 2008, that was the only time in which large numbers of people immigrated to Ireland, now it's back to being broke again. No natural resources to speak of Ireland cannot afford troublesome Northern Ireland. 

There would be all out war as the Loyalists get their free health care taken away and the right to set big fires on the 11th July stopped. 

A united Ireland It just wouldn't work, I know Sinn Fein don't want a shared future and are just biding their time to gain the upper hand, the DUP don't want a shared future either but you know what? fuck em!
We deserve a shared future after the shit the IRA and the idiot Loyalists have put us through, we need to stop seeing people as labels, Catholic, Protestant .... who gives a fuck about yer imaginary friend? 

Quit looking towards agendas and getting yer own side ahead and look where we are at and accept it. After 30 years of war put aside the ideas that kept the war going and look towards peace and rebuilding what we have left. 
Don't go looking for someone else to hate such as immigrants or Muslims that just shows yer afraid of peace and are emotionally stunted.

Northern Ireland needs all paramilitary symbols and flags removed, parades to be a privilege and not a right, equality in marriage and equality in female reproductive health care. We need to see that being British or being Irish is not an insult and we need our fucking potholes filled as this isn't the bloody Republic of Ireland for fucks sake!  

Hate people for what they do not for what they are, it's a no brainer