Monday, 24 June 2013

The Protestant Coalition Standing Proud For The Prods

Old Knudsen is a kind and loving deity and as you know ... he is the way. He doesn't mind who steals pictures from his blog for the blog is an act of Gog and should reach everyone of you shites, aye even the ones that find my blog by Googling rude words ..... you know who you are.

Ya know, that isn't true, Old Knudsen does mind it when certain people steal his work The Protestant Coalition for example, however I am a Gog of forgiveness and I give you a picture you can use to promote yer cause. I'd put yer website address on it but yer site seems to be doon, not paying her bills huh? Aye court fees suck big time.

If enough people click on this post then the above picture will find it's way into the image search every time The Protestant Coalition is searched for, yes it's the gift that keeps giving. 

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