Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday Special

Today's post of semi clad hotties is not designed to change Christian pedos into lovers of adults but is instead in honour of fathers as sources have told Old Knudsen it is Fathers day today.

Most men's ultimate fantasy is a woman in the kitchen making him a sandwich as he sits scratching his balls in front of the TV.

"After I make you a sandwich and fetch you a beer would you like me to suck your cock ?" .... FFS must be a dream.

"You are down to your last 6 beers, let me run down to the shop and get you more."

 Two gurls and a ween of bacon sounds like a good time to Old Knudsen.... hmmm bacon.

Men like guns right? ..... well only us real men. Big guns with lots of bullets because we all have big dicks ..... online.

Men also like sports .... not playing it, nah we're way too fat for that, we wear sports shirts and watch while screaming how shite the players are.

We like movies, wasn't This means war with Reese Witherspoon funny? Two guys who are best buds and spies cum all over her face then wipe their cocks on her best curtains .... ha ha ha, good times.

98% of men fantasize about finding the naked body of a hot dead chick and for her body to be still warm. We've all thought about how not to contaminate the crime scene and how long it would be before we call the cops .... if we call the cops.

Ach a woman just turning up is most men's fantasy or the wife not having a headache or being pleasant for a day.

If you believe the Father's day cards then enjoy yer beer, golf and potting sheds, wow  we fathers are sooo complex.