Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sometimes It's Hard, To Beat A Woman

One thing really pisses Old Knudsen off, pedos, rapists, line jumpers, line dancers, uptight arseholes, children, barking dogs, weemen who show off their tits and then take offense when you look and men who beat weemen.
I'm no Stephen fucking Hawking but I believe that may be more than one thing. This post is about wife beaters.

 Not the t-shirt but rather the cunt who wears them. "STELLA! I'm gonna teach you a lesson bitch."

In general men are usually psychically stronger than weemen, sure there are the exceptions but for the most a man can kick a woman's arse.
Weemen can do Tai-bo or Tai- wha but if a big bloke gets a grip of you or a normal sized man lands a good punch on you then yer training has been for nothing so don't get cocky.

Even as a man Old Knudsen realizes that there maybe someone out there able to beat him in hand to hand combat, nothing in this world except theft and taxes are a cert.   

It takes a big man to hit a woman ... thats sarcasm in case yer thick, as only bully asswipes hit ladies.

The only acceptable time to hit a woman is out of self defense. If some crazy bitch comes at you with a knife or even her fights, lay her out cold .... common sense here people.

Charles Saatchi, a 6 foot 170 LBS bloke grabbed his wive's throat during a discussion they had in a restaurant.
The wife happened to be kitchen goddess Nigella Lawson.

Saatchi said it was a playful light touch but he clearly has her attention.

A distressed Nigella places her hand on his hand to calm him doon but his sandsavage bloody is up, she did a strange thing of kissing him on the cheek and then he stormed off, probably to burn flags or something. 

Old Knudsen's arsehole sense tells him that this incident was not the first time hes laid hands on his wife ..... oh big brave man. The police got involved and Saatchi had to admit assault for which he got a warning.

Old Knudsen has nothing to do with this as we are just 'friends' or rather 'buddies.'

It shows you that rich successful people can still have shitty lives because no matter what, you reap what you sow.
If yer a cunt in life then even as a millionaire yer cuntishness will still be there but you'll have the money to be a cunt in style.

Once a man hits a woman you can never trust him again, like a dog that bites. If you want a macho man or a bad boy then chances are you may get more than you ask for.   

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