Monday, 3 June 2013

Shamless Sammy Wilson

Northern Ireland finance minister Sammy Wilson has always been a sort of loose cannon in the DUP. The straight talking nudest who shoots from the hip .... ugh the mental image, he doesn't seem to care what others think cos Sammy is the man with the purse strings.

Look at how he dresses, no fucks have been given.

He has shown that transparency has no place in the Stormont executive and if the press doesn't like not being told what gets spent where then he just refuses to talk to the press, totally media blackout.

As the man doesn't believe in climate change you won't be seeing awareness of it pushed in Northern Ireland as it can only be done with Wilson's permission.... The dirty sneaky stupid baptist.   

The struggle with flags and the flying of has done a lot of damage to the DUP. They stirred up the commoners but then distance themselves when things got out of hand. They have tried to get the flag back up on the city hall in Belfast and they have tried to have the British legion fly the Union flag permanently at the cenotaph on the grounds of the city hall, all their efforts have failed.

To save face for the voters Sammy decided to spend £10,000 of public money on 5 flag poles on government buildings. 
There is a recession on right? hospital units and rest homes are being closed doon, thanks to flags Northern Ireland has lost international investors and the flag protests have been the final straw to many struggling businesses in Belfast who can't afford to continue to trade.

Government solution? ...... MOAR FLAGS!!!! 

A while back Edwin Poots was busy so I called Sammy to see if he would do the honour of planting a tree in support of chicks with dicks.
Sammy was very supportive except he made sure to put a flag on the tree .... I suspect he has an agenda, then before I knew it, Bert my lovely companion was last seen on the back of his motorcycle heading off to his cosy Carnlough love nest never to be seen again. 

At least we got the tree planted, it didn't live but hey it was the thought that counts. Weemen that have penis' are Gog's creatures too! ..... Old Knudsen misses Burt :(

In 1989 the Unionist politician Frank Miller punched Wilson and was fined £50. Ach if Old Knudsen  had known how cheap it was Old Knudsen would have introduced Sammy to his fightclub years ago, £50 ..... money well spent. 

First rule of fightclub ..... you do not talk about fightclub, unless it's to brag in order to get yer hole, aye thats reasonable, or to recruit people into it, how can ya get new members is you don't tell them about it?
Who the fuck makes up these idiot rules? ...  I'm off to punch meself in the junk.