Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sexy Muslim Sunday

Ever since the murder of soldier Lee Rigby, the white English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish ... er Ulster-ish mobs have been raging against anything Muslim.

Of course they aren't brave enough to join the army and go fight the Tallyban so they'll just yap and when they outnumber a weak Muslim they'll attack.

Old Knudsen has experienced this before but the Muslims that time were Catholic, he is still not impressed.
Saying that all Muslims are terrorists is like saying that all Christians are pedos ... no wait, they are all pedos, bad example.
It's just people masking their racism and now they think they have an excuse to be outraged.

 Yasmeen-Ghauri a hot Muslim woman.

So these blokes who hate Muslims, do they hate hot weemen Muslims too? Old Knudsen recently got kicked out of a Facebook hate group called the Ulster Defence League for asking that very same question.
My question was answered by their actions I suppose, all these hate groups are queer.

So all these big tough men with their Nazi tattoos and shaven heads would not shag Zana Krasniqi because shes a muzzie.... Disgraceful!

Aye you just stick to yer easily impressed weemen who can pass for men and can't get over the child abuse they suffered at the hands of a relative, Zana is way out of yer defence league anyway. A group of you might rape her if you had the chance but not because you were turned on or to punish her but because yer all sexually repressed and don't want to let on yer on the doon low.

If you cock suckers lay one finger on my Zana Old Knudsen will keel you..... slowly and painfully. 

 Saving the best for last. Thats the only fag Aylin Alp will be putting in her mouth.

A Muslim from Turkey she has to shave her whole body 3 times a day ..... but it's worth it.

Old Knudsen is well converted to Islam. No 72 virgins for me, I wants me a woman with wicked mad skilz in the bedroom, and I don't mean putting hospital corners on the bed sheets.

Old Knudsen hopes that hes changed the minds of some sectarian racists and that they can find room in their hearts for at least some hot Muslims .... it's a start.

He also hopes that some pedo Christians now turn away from the children and get the horn for adults. Old Knudsen is like a facilitator of love, it's really sweet.