Monday, 10 June 2013

Rollin With Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a genius .... no seriously, even the drool running doon his chin is more intelligence than you. 
An IQ of 160 which is a little bit higher than Old Knudsen's IQ. If you took Hawking's brain out and flatten it out (what medical science will be doing when hes dead) it would take up a parking space for the size of a compact car .... of course he could take the disabled space if he wanted, I don't think anyone will be questioning his disability.  Yer flattened brain couldn't cover a door mat.

The smart wee fucker annoys Old Knudsen. You know the way that Madonna and Gillian Anderson go all English when they come over to the UK ? well this counting space things whizkid puts on an American accent, aye turn yer back on yer roots roller boy.  YEEEE HAWWW! it's a black hole partner!

So the other day when he refused to stand up and fight Old Knudsen like a man I took his computer off him.
Wot ya gonna do now you can't ask Yahoo answers? I think yer IQ just dropped like I did to yer computer.
Ach ya didn't want it anyway it's got Israeli computer chips in it, I thought you were boycotting Israel.

Hey wheelie bin! is the universe infinite or what?  .... Oh it's all gone quiet over there. Nothing to say?
Sulky wee shite!