Thursday, 20 June 2013

Puff For Yer Rights


Smoking is sexy 

A property rental firm in the US Related Companies is banning smoking in more than 40,000 rental residences it owns and manages, you can't even smoke on yer balcony without the risk of eviction. The company has rentals in New York, Boston, Santa Monica, California and Chicago.

Starbucks tells it's drive thru customers that they can't smoke in their car because it's within 25 feet of a building.

 Smoking is sexy

Hospitals throughout the US also do not allow any smoking on it's premises WTF , if there is one thing that calms Old Knudsen doon after sawing open the skull of a patient is a ciggie. I even blow the smoke away from the patient in a considerate manner. Lucky the UK still allows smoking and if it ever stops it then that will be the day that Old Knudsen quits.... you'll lose one of yer finest gynecologists.

What about FREEDOM!!! It's in the constitution that Each man is entitled to pursue happiness not giving a fuck about anyone else ... amen. 
I am arguing for the sake of the USA because when things happen there then Europe gets the idea to copy them. It's USA not USSR , even though that isn't around anymore but you get my gist. It's North America not North Korea.

In fact shame on you fag haters, Lil Kim in North Korea can smoke in his hospitals, now thats what I call real freedom.

Comparing America to dictator cuntries really isn't working very well. 

Think about the children! without smoking they will take up drinking, drugs or religion .... infect their lungs but leave their souls alone for fuck sake.

Has religion not caused enough grief in the world without this?  You'd think God would like fags because they cause suffering and kill people off for him.

We need to smoke for Satan and blow smoke in the face of  injustice ... and babies (cause it's funny) next you know it'll be illegal to kill hookers, it's a slippery slope my friends. 

Must I remind you? smoking is sexy

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