Saturday, 22 June 2013

Prod Pedo Special

Baptist pastor and gospel singer turner pedophile pervert Paul Gardiner aged 52 was jailed for 11 months and banned from working with children.

Never trust a Christian thats Dr Who's 4th rule.

Gardiner would stay over in hooses of people who trusted him from the church and he'd slip into their child's bedroom then slip into their children. The last offense we know of was 30 years ago .... that we know of.

He has 4 children of his own and has worked as a youth pastor when the dirty Baptist isn't singing about the Lard.

The Baptist church like other churches did not follow up on allegations about Gardiner. I'm sure their are more pedos lurking in the Protestant church and community if their fucked up kids are anything to go by. 

Speaking of dirty Prod pedos, Mark Harbinson the Orangeman who groomed and raped a 13 year-old gurl has been seen hanging around with teenagers at a bonfire site since his release from prison .... tut tut you sex offender. 

He is also getting re-involved with the pride of the village idiots flute band. It seems that pedos get forgiven and welcomed back to the Protestant community as if it was normal behaviour to them.

Old Knudsen is about to make a prediction. Within a year, maybe 2 at the most there will be even more stories about pedos in the Protestant community. They have been quite well hidden and protected so far but I think they will be outed more as the Loyalists begin to see their leaders for what they really are and their fellow fleggers as a little too friendly with the kiddies ..... you know who I mean.

In the Protestant community education is not valued and nor are children, they are property until they are able to punch back.

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