Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Online Dating Is Dangerous ... If I'm Yer Match

Joined a couple of dating sites over the weekend as I did not have enough damaged vulnerable weemen in my life. One was a Jewish dating service, you've never really had it until you've had it kosher style. 

For some reason I come off online as a little creepy, needy and unstable .... I blame nerves and a poor education cos I don't know yon fancy words an shit.

I use an older and cuter photo of myself as one picture can say a thousand words .... ok the photo isn't me exactly, it's more like an artistic rendering of my soul. 
I think I may have an unhealthy obsession with weemen who serve in the IDF, oh c 'mon they can kick yer arse all the while wearing a thong. The latest Israeli soldier babes were caught semi naked pole dancing around their M-16 ..... Old Knudsen doesn't have the will power to boycott Israel. 

I try the religious dating sites cos religious people are predisposed to believing any shite they are told and those are the kind of people Old Knudsen likes. The Warru tribe of Africa has a name for people like that, gullible fools.  

Christian Mingle was doon so I saw that as a sign from Gog. All Old Knudsen wants is a meaningful relationship and a bit of rough, he'd go to Larne and pick up a woman there but theres rough and then theres rough and Larne weemen are ruff! 

Old Knudsen shall keep trying and perhaps fate will let him meet his soulmate.