Monday, 10 June 2013


Edward Snowden an ex CIA technical advisor (computer geek) has been the latest whistleblower leaking info to the newspapers.
He doesn't like the fact that the government has collected phone calls and Internet info on it's people. He says it's not the kind of world he wants to live in... blah blah blah.

Then why doesn't he kill himself ? this is the world baby. Old Knudsen assumes the government will be collecting data on 'people of interest' which could be anyone from terrorists, other trouble makers, the opposition and to see the way people are leaning so you can steer them yer way.

Yes Nixon did shit like this but he lived in a time where it was easier to catch people, now you don't even have to be in the same cuntry to spy on people so just deny it anyway, name me a President who never lied and if you can then I'll call you a fucking moron.

Snowden and Bradley Manning do not have the luxury of being pussies, they were in the service and swore an oath. Whistleblowers? .... nah traitors more like.

Soon people giving out US military secrets will be seen as info liberators, we need whistleblowers in the healthcare, food and education areas, not national defense   .......... maybe it's just me but in my day we'd shoot folk like Snowden and Manning.

Then you have Julian Assange still hiding in yon embassy to avoid rape charges, keep yer albino nose out of it state secrets ya rapist.

Manning is in prison and Snowden hiding in Hong Kong.

Obama is a dick, hes brought censorship to the Internet to protect the movie and TV industry, that is just the start. Hes been more Republican minded than most GOP morons and is technologically savvy, enough to fuck up our lives.... unlike the Republicans who are still going on about guns that no one is taking away.

Big brother 'is' watching you so watch what you say, you can't hide behind yer sexygurl69@hotmail forever.... and keep yer mouth shut or the terrorists will win.