Thursday, 6 June 2013

Nice Day For A Red Wedding

What started out as a peaceful protest when the Turkish government wanted to pave a local park and put up a parking lot turned into parkageddon. Violence erupted on the streets and was met with brutal retaliation from the police.

Much like the riots in Belfast which started out as peaceful protests then went onto become riots and was met with timid retaliation from the police, "don't get involved Terry they might not hurt us then." Ach you fleggers don't know how lucky and coddled you are.

One Turkish rioter learns the fate of the Starks.  

Oh c'mon, if you have the Internet or know some sad fucker who reads those things ..... BOOKS! yeah thats them then you'd already know that it was a nice day for a red wedding. 

The Turkish government actually released an apology over the ultra firm police action.

We are sorry that we had to jam some of you up but you left us no choice. You are bad people who stand in the way of progress. Look on the bright side, the midget and the dragon lady with the titties are still alive so dry your eyes and get back to sexually harassing tourists.  

The apology was met with yet more violence.
Winter is ...... ughhhh ........ mother!  

Ach he was a crap king anyway and his actions spelt out his doom.... like duh!