Saturday, 1 June 2013

Nasty Cold Vagina

Sometimes Old Knudsen helps his readers, no I don't mean his sex therapy and deep tissue massages I mean with his advice.
There are times when Old Knudsen just has to shake his head and say what the fuck is that about?

A lass who will remain nameless told me that her boyfriend was disgusted by her vadge. Not the smell (then all smell like wounded bear) but rather the appearance as it was not neat and tidy as the media portray vadges to be.  Old Knudsen gave her a pep talk saying how shallow he was and that she was a person who needed and deserved love, not a walking vagina put onto the earth to please him.

So what if her stench trench looked like a badly stuffed fish taco? the BF needs to wise the fuck up and appreciate what he has.... and maybe try not to look at it. 

The lass whose name sounds like Penny did perk up a little but still felt depressed so I jokingly said, 'hey send me a picture of it, I'm sure it's not bad at all.' and she sent me a picture.

Not sure if my message back to her OMG WTF is that thing real? quick kill it with fire! offended her or not as she never replied back and didn't respond to any of my e-mails since.... must have went offline.

The moral of this story is, never ask Old Knudsen for advice when hes just started a bag of glue.