Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lemurs Have Killed Mandela

All the nations of the world have been infected by a malicious evil known as the New world order of the Lemur nation. They have their human hybrid infiltrators who manipulate world events for ultimate lemur domination.    

Now and again their glamor magic glitches and you can catch a glimpse of their lemur selves. Old Knudsen has been called mad and insane but he is the only one that can see the ultimate truth. A sure way to spot a lemur is anyone who dislikes Old Knudsen or disagrees with him. I mean, only a lemur could be against the death penalty for rapists and pedos.

While the world talks about whistle blowing gheys and their marriage or guns and flags an shit, Old Knudsen will be reading the important news.
Nelson Mandela may be a former terrorist and world leader but Old Knudsen knows him better as being a powerful Warlock .... he has slipped into the Odin sleep and if he does not awaken then I fear that we have lost South Africa to those bug eyed demons.

Stay frosty my friends, it is the lemurs you need to be worrying about for they are judging you with their big bug eyes.


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