Friday, 14 June 2013

If You Don't Ask You Won't Get

An attractive woman with the sun shining through her skippy summer dress holding a pot with two badly planted flowers that look like tulips but probably aren't.

I suppose then that this post must be about rape.

Old Knudsen LIKES weemen and would never force himself upon one ..... unless they wanted him to.
Throughout the decades there has been a constant struggle to make it not ok to rape someone, wow, what you'd think to be a no brainer has been a right struggle. In 1988 the movie The Accused shocked a few folk and on similar lines you had the British Judge Pickles say that the way a rape victim was dressed that she was "asking for it."

 Well thats very helpful.

Don't go to India for fucks sake the whole cuntry is asking for it. How does that fit in with all the children raped by relatives? More are raped by people they know than a complete stranger.

 Rape is a vile act and there is no excuse for it.... like duh!

Now time for the unpopular common sense. A woman who goes out at 2am alone and accepts a lift from 3 strangers in a truck may be asking for something bad to happen.

If you go out to party and drink so much that lose control and can't even walk ... well yer asking for something bad to happen.
It's commonsense, sure rapists shouldn't exist but they do so wise the fuck up. You should be able to blot out yer life with drink that you can't stand and pass out on the pavement in a pool of yer own vomit without fear of being attacked .... aye and they shouldn't hunt unicorns for their horns but they fucking well do.

No one is safe anywhere, the only creature that Old Knudsen fears are people and they all everywhere.

In your own home you are probably the most safe, depending on who lives with you or if you live on a flight path for Air Pakistan or something. 
At home you should be at rest, as soon as you walk out yer front door you should raise yer alertness up a notch, going through dodgy neighbourhoods it gets raised again.
When yer out blootered what you are is a walking target to someone whose senses are not impaired.

Don't live yer life in fear of leaving the hoose but don't be a dick. Not everyone will respect you when you say "no" and that is sad but you don't have to go out of yer way and ask for it.

Learn basic self defense at least and I hope yer not too out of it to do it. The best way to stay out of trouble is avoid it. Sometimes there is no avoiding it and like in India it can just take getting on the wrong bus.
No one can blame someone for being raped, it's the rapist's fault ... end of, but if you ended up passed out on the street then you deserve some of the blame of being an easy target.

Stay tuned for my next post, Why you should not leave the windows of yer hoose open when you go to work.