Friday, 14 June 2013

If A Flag Is Erected And Nobody Sees It Then Does It Really Exist?

Thanks to Northern Ireland's Finance minister Sammy Wilson, Strabane courthouse in Co Tyrone can proudly fly a Union flag.
It maybe a time of recession but as agreed in the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 this government office needs a flag.
Due to cutbacks the courthouse is only in use once a week for family law cases.
Oh so what then? Well you get a staff member from miles away in Omagh to come doon and put the flag up over an empty building.
The courthouse isn't even in use on 13 of the 15 Stormont-designated flag-flying days but by Jove there will be a fucking flag flying.

Scoring tit for tat points as usual, the Stormont executive really needs to grow up. Wasting money hiring ex terrorists who kept their mouth's shut as special advisers to putting flags up where no one wants them, no wonder this cuntry is so backwards.