Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hows That Freedom Working Out For You?

Do you know whats wrong with young people today? ... well besides no work ethic, yes I'm looking at you Snowden, they haven't gained wisdom from movies of the 80's. If yer gonna betray yer cuntry then the last place you go to is Russia.

Have you never watched the movie The Falcon and the Snowman? 'This would never happen in America! ..... this is not America.' 

How the fuck did Sean Penn get out? I was hoping the reds would have sent him to a gulag ... not the one Old Knudsen was sent to of course.

First Snowden goes to China, then Russia where he still is and he hopes to find sanctuary in Ecuador. Hey why not try North Korea or Iran while yer at it?

Many see him as a hero exposing how the US is spying on it's people ... um yeah, we already know. It's very telling that these crusaders for free speech and liberty always seek refuge with the nations with the worse records for free speech and liberty... You attacked the wrong cuntry asshole.


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