Monday, 24 June 2013

Hose Pipe Ban

It's a busy Monday, I've got tradesmen coming in to fix things, am waiting on some deliveries still got the police forensic people here trying to frame me with a 1994 murder .... me... kill another human? I love people oh so much it is not in me to kill .

Then I go outside to see my gardener doing this, Old Knudsen went ape-shit, no wonder me fuchsias are dying.
She was cutting me grass too low anyway .... Me life is also ruined thanks to that bint. Hey Bono, fuck the Africans and help Old Knudsen for his problems are far more serious. He needs a new gardener who will work for less than minimum wage. I'm up hill so I'll need an uphill gardener.

Old Knudsen has no time to be on the blog today so fuck away off.

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