Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Handle This Truth

So I went into the fridge and got the milk this morning. Don't get me wrong, I ain't no milky boy, I can't stand the stuff! I use it in me tae of course.

The date on the milk said 12th, and true to it's word it had a whiff about it..... probably went off exactly at midnight. 

When Old Knudsen was doing his uber secret work in the US .... sorry it's classified,if you knew anything about operation brain melt you'd have to be killed .... probably by a lizard hybrid alien posing as human, we all know a few even if we don't know it.

Like I said I cannae tell you about me developing my mind power skills to influence weaker minds and in no shape or form is this blog influencing yer choices and judgements heh heh heh, just tell yerselves that one.

Use by dates in the US are merely suggestions as they put so many preservatives in their food, it's a big cuntry and since the farmers grow fuck all, the people need to be fed somehow..... don't get Old Knudsen started on farm subsides, even the Queen is on the take.

Use by dates in the UK are like gravity, they are the law. Bread that doesn't last a week WTF?

You know yon exclusive Old Knudsen revealed about the Heinz company starting end of the world panics in order to boost the sales of canned beans? Well it goes further....

Heinz .... a German name, the royal family..... a pack of Germans dictate every day life in the UK and have been/bean doing so for decades.

The in the UK food is kept mainly preservative free, even the McNuggets don't have fucking plasticizers in them.
This means you have to buy more food because yer food goes off and it tastes better so you want to buy it, oh and the portions are smaller and more expensive .

  Nothing to do with the story, I just know yer attention span ain't what it used to be    

Why don't we just keep more food like bread in the fridge? ..... cos the fridges in the UK are fucking tiny!
You have to buy a chest freezer to back up yer tiny kitchen freezer FFS!


What is the answer to saving money and not shopping ALL the time? ....... Heinz baked beans! No one has time to cook so unless yer cramming ready meals into yer freezer yer buying tinned food.

Meat in cans? .... vegetables in can?  who the fuck would but these with their free will? soldiers during WWI had their horses served in cans. Corned beef, Spam ...... otherwise known as mystery meat.... I've seen such horrors in Lidl (a German shop) hotdog sausages in cans and JARS!

Why are beans a national favourite in the UK ? It can't be the bland blah taste, it's because Heinz own the bloody UK.
Ex Nazis made deals in which to share their rocket secrets after WWII and they bought the UK, much like how China owns the US.

They have even made beans snack pots with barely the amount of beans you need to cover yer toast. You think they are doing you a favour by making life easier but no, they fuck you over!!!

 Rigid use by dates, small houses with small fridges. Aye now go on about the government spying on yer Interweb porn surfing habits, if you only knew how you were being manipulated.