Sunday, 30 June 2013

Give Jamie Bryson An Oscar

Poor Jamie Bryson, it turns out that the Union flag poster boy has a martyred cousin who is a hero to the IRA and the cunts who support them.

For fucks sake well that explains why this little twerp popped up to speak for the people during their time of need and only succeeded in making the whole flegger movement into a failure and a joke.

A skinny wee runt with a comedy voice who gives dumb interviews and hour long hunger strikes that end in curry... LOL. That explains the whole being a Fenian when on holiday thing.  Bryson is a fucking method acting genius!

Old Knudsen was taken in, I could not believe that anyone could be that pathetic and was dismayed for humanity, he played his role bloody well.
Go on Jamie say something stupid, "We want a peaceful solution and would never throw wocks, oh and Protestants cannot be terrorists by the way only Fenians can " ..... DOH!

Like a Simon Pegg kinda role, no wonder no one took him seriously. 

There was always that tension between Bryson and Willie Frazer.  Frazer can smell a horse meat loving taig terrorist a mile away. No wonder Jamie wanted to be moved from sharing a prison cell with him to go be with the UVF types.
I bet Frazer was asking all sorts of questions and Jamie was worried about breaking his cover.

Just makes you wonder how many more sleeper agents are in the UVF. I bet that after this the UVF will start watching, 'Who do you think you are' for tips in researching each other's family trees.



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