Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Death To Pedos Rant ... Again

Cherish lily Perrywinkle was a happy 8 year-old girl who talked about dolls and fairies and that liked to play dress up.
She was out with her mother and two siblings at a Dollar store in Jacksonville Florida when what appeared to be a good Samaritan offered to take them to Walmart to buy them some clothes as they appeared to be down on their luck. Smith had overheard her saying she couldn’t afford to buy her daughter a dress, and offered to help her out using his wife’s Walmart gift card.

The mother Rayne Perrywinkle first she thought Smith was “creepy and annoying,” but seemed like he truly wanted to help her and her family. “Part of me wanted to believe this was a blessing for my children,” she said. 

After a few hours of shopping for clothes Donald James Smith the good Samaritan suggested that he buy the family some burgers while he waited for his wife to get there with the gift card, he and Cherish set off towards the front of the store where the McDonald's was but they didn't stop.
Her lifeless body in a wooded area near a church 4 miles away.

A quick judgement from Old Knudsen has this family as being white trash Florida folk. One of the younger kids is named Destiny ...... says it all. Why did the mother wait 2 hours before calling the police? Who waits 2 hours for a Walmart dress?  The mother is an idiot! 

Donald James Smith is a 56 year-old who was recently released from prison and has a criminal history of child abuse and torture that goes back decades.

Remember back in 2005? Jessica Lunsford was taken from her home, raped and tortured for 3 days before being buried alive by sex offender John Couey,  in Florida .... of course.

Jessica's law was set up to electronically tag all sex offenders and keep a tighter control on their where abouts. Advocates for convicted sex offenders claim that the civil rights of the sex offenders are infringed upon and the poor child rapers get a lifetime of stigma.  

Dead children get laws made in their name such as Sarah's law, Jonathan's law, Megan's law and many more so then people can say well they didn't die for nothing. Where was Jessica's law here? 

Fuck the lifetime of stigma, pedos cannot be rehabilitated. They only behave themselves in prison because there are no children there .... like duh! You should only be allowed civil and human rights if you respect those of others, otherwise you are an beast with no rights who cannot live in civilized society. 

That includes those who shoot up schools and cinemas and those who plant bombs on busy shopping streets..... you are scum that needs to be destroyed. 

It isn't about sex for the pedos it's about control so don't waste yer time talking about castration. Is Old Knudsen the only one who wants pedos destroyed as you would a rabid dog? Is Old Knudsen the only one who wants to keep hitting these pedos in the face with a claw hammer while shouting, "was it worth it?" until they stop moving?

Prison is not a deterrent, US prisons down Florida way are like Fightclub meets Beyond the thunder dome where you get shived with a sharpened toothbrush for yer fags (cigarettes not queers) or for just being you, in the UK prisons are holiday camps so what is the point of putting these people through the legal system only for them to be a drain on resources? 

Kill pedos and you won't have to make laws for dead kids. 

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